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Bermuda for the Strecker Wedding
The weekend of June 2-4 saw Ian and Elaine Strecker's son Paul married Melissa. A great time was had by all. Here are a few pictures from the weekend.
We had a great room at the hotel, with a garden overlooking Hamilton harbor.

Sampling "rum swizzles" - the national drink of Bermuda.

We secured a limosine (shown below) for our entire stay!

A nice day at Coral Beach. Declining to use any sun block, Rex was renamed "Red" Ross that same evening.

Rex found an item to add to his beach rock collection.

As soon as the tide would go out, Rex & Adrian could go home.

Adrian decided to climb the cliffs back to safety.

A party on the evening preceding the wedding. Roberto and Susannah Monti, Adrian, and Ian Strecker wearing formal Bermuda evening attire.

Rex & Adrian, Roberto and Susannah, and Carla Miller

The Rosses & the Monti's take a hike along the railroad trail down the center of the island.

Roland Vandenbossche joined us for lunch one afternoon.

On the ferry going to lunch.

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