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Galveston Causeway Demolition Blast

On Sunday, July 9, 2006 demolition of pilings from one of the old causeway bridges was undertaken.

This blast took place at 8:03am on Sunday morning, and the Ross Web Site dispatched a marine unit to capture
the action from aboard the Miss Rosco.

Galveston Causeway demolition blast.

For the full story and a movie of the blast, continue down this page.
or go directly to the movie

Click here to see the movie of the expedition

The target bridge is in sight on the horizon.

Navigator Rosie is guiding us through the channel.

A stray mullet distracts Rosie temporarily.

Other boats turn out to witness the event. However, with Rex Ross Web Site credentials,
we are able to secure an anchorage much closer in.

The Miss Rosco crew keeps a sharp lookout.

The Galveston County Sheriff's boat asks us where they can safely anchor.

Some other boaters brought the dogs along! Can you believe that?

Tension mounts as H Hour approaches.

Having seen many such explosions before, Rosie prefers to pay attention
to the passing schools of mullet.

The Big Moment Arrives!!

Double Click the Picture to Play the Movie.

Exhausted by this trying assignment, the Rex Ross Web Site team heads
for home, leaving our silver wake behind us.

Click here for a movie about the expedition.

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