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On April 16, 2000 the Round Rock Express played their first home game in their new stadium in Round Rock, Texas. The team, an Astros Double A affiliate, is owned by Don Sanders and Nolan Ryan. Reed Ryan is the CEO and operates the franchise.

The city of Round Rock, in conjuction with the Express, built a new stadium for the team. The stadium is widely regarded as the finest, most elaborate minor league field in the country.

The inaugural week for the Round Rock Express was accompanied by a number of events and visitors. A few of those events and visitors are chronicled here on the Ross Family Web Site, which continues to dispatch reporters far and wide to bring you close to the action, wherever

and whenver it may occur.

A golf match opens the festivities.


The Champs (below) showing their winnings.

Left to right: Nolan Ryan, David Pressler (referee), Rex Ross

As it turns out, a referee was needed due to some sportsmanship issues on the part of the

losing team.


The Losers (below) feeling rather sheepish.

Don Sanders, Reese Ryan, David Pressler (referee)

Interested parties survey the new field in Round Rock

The Sanders offspring visit the old man.


Chris and Don on the balcony of the owner's suite.


Down on the field prior to the start of the first game.

The Express team is seeking some younger players, but are taking what they can get at the moment..

"You guys have any idea where we can find a pitcher?" asked Don Sanders.

I wish that Ryan guy wouldn't throw it so hard!!

The Express brain trust consult with a strategy expert.

Cutting the ribbon to open the field.

Important visitors like Bob Collie and Johnny Johnson traveled all the way from Houston for the opening.


Groupies follow most celebrity events and this one was no exception.

A Good Time Was Had By All

In" back of it all" were Sanders, Ryan and Ryan.

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