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Savannah Does New York!!

Savannah and her entourage visit New York for the 2012 Christmas season.

Accompanying Savannah were Gam (Adrian) and Gandon (Rex).

Local logistics and support were also provided by Aunt Julia and Uncle Rusty.

December 8-11, 2012

Note: This is probably a lot more than you want to see about this trip. But hey - it's our only granddaughter!

Savannah's limo ride to the Houston airport gives her time to contemplate her upcoming trip to NY.

A quick snack and a book in the United Club prior to boarding.

On board the plane, Savannah re-checks her itinerary for the trip.

The pilot asks Savannah to help with the pre-flight check.

"I can report we are ready for take-off Captain!"

Savannah checks out her bedroom in our Lombardy suite.

Part of the truckload of Savannah's supplies for her stay at the Lombardy Hotel

Test run on a bedtime story immediately following arrival and before
heading our for our Saturday night on the town.

Savannah and Uncle Rusty make some notes on the trip plan.

All moved into the hotel and ready for a Saturday night on the town.

The 53rd street waterfall offers a calm in the midst of the NY Christmas bustle!

The tree at Rockefeller Center is a big hit!

Heading back to the hotel, Gam discusses pretzel technology with a specialist.

Savannah prefers to reserve final pretzel quality testing to herself.

Back in the hotel, Savannah finishes dinner while reading a history of the development of NY government.

Savannah and Uncle Rusty consider some options for tomorrow's outing.

Sunday morning, Savannah prefers to dress for breakfast.

Savannah checks her outfit for Sunday morning in NY.

Savannah finds an interesting sculpture on Park Avenue.

Back at Rockefeller Center for a daytime look a the Christmas Tree and skating rink.


Gandon and Savannah find a larger-than-life nutcracker.

Savannah observes that the tree could use some ornaments in addition to its many lights.

Savannah makes a quick stop to find some post cards for her friends and fans

A little drizzle presents NO problems.

Visiting F.A.O. Schwartz, Gam and Savannah consider a purchase option.

Hmmm. Savannah considers whether to opt for an all day sucker or perhaps a toy.

Savannah inspects the Muppet workshop at F.A.O. Schwartz.

Savannah and Gandon acknowledge a goodbye salute from an F.A.O. Schwartz official.

At Sunday lunch, Savannah reconsiders whether she should have ordered whipped cream for her chocolate chip pancakes.

Savannah decides to wear her fancy dress for her Sunday evening visit
to the Broadway's Palace Theater to see "Annie"

In the Lombardy Hotel lobby patiently awaiting the arrival of her limo to go to the theater.

Savannah are part of her entourage en route to the theater.

Ready for the big show!

Savannah arrives a bit early to make sure she doesn't miss anything!

Ready for the "Annie" overture to begin.

After the show, Savannah and "Annie" star Brynn O'Malley discuss some fine points about the production.

Finally ready for bed Sunday night, Savannah tells her new dog "Clara" about her day.
Savannah adopted Clara at the F.A.O. Schwartz pet store.


Monday morning, Savannah decides on a casual breakfast while reading
the editorials in the on-line edition of the New York Times.

On the way to Rockefeller Center to see the Rockettes, Gandon and Savannah win a challenge race from a competing stroller team.

Arriving at Radio City Music Hall for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.

Ready for the show.

I'm ready for the show to begin!!

"This show is great!!"

After the Rockettes, Savannah visits Aunt Julia and Uncle Rusty in Brooklyn Heights.

An outing to Savannah's favorite park in Brooklyn Heights with Uncle Rusty.

"Uncle Rusty, why can't I walk on the railing?"

The "Train Park" in Brooklyn Heights.

Monday night Aunt Julia and Uncle Rusty take over so Gam and Gandon can attend a dinner party.

Tuesday morning Savannah elects to take a taxi to Central Park.

Savannah selects her carriage for a ride through Central Park.

Loading up.

Savannah and her entourage waving at the crowds.

"Gam, that sure was fun"!!!

Blackie says "Bye, Savannah. Please come back."

Savannah bids farewell to the Christmas tree and staff at the Lombardy Hotel.

Savannah checks out the plane to take her home.

The trip back to Houston gives Savannah time to make her final trip notes!

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