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The Rex Ross WebSite commissioned the The American Institute of Architects to organize and
conduct a Sandcastle Contest at Galveston East Beach on June 4, 2005.

Photgraphers were then dispatched by the Rex Ross Web Site to capture the contest entries.

Fans of the Rex Ross Web Site came from far and near.

Some fans set up fancy base-camps.

Rex Ross Web Site crowd control staff kept things moving along.

Several celebrities such as "Hooch" from the movie "Turner & Hooch", attended.

Steroid Use in Sandcastles

Sandcastle Not on Steroids (see above article)

The "Baseball, Mom & Apple Pie" entrywas popular.


There's a good story behind this one, but we have forgotten what it is.

Stars & Stripes

The "Desperate Houseflies" entry.


The Old Man in the Sun.

"Hard Way to Earn a Buck"

A real Sandcastle.

The "Texas Hold'em" entry had some live action as well.

"War of the Crabs"

"Sand Helsing"

Some sort of "Neverland" sandcastle

"CSI: Crab Scene Investigation"

The Rex Ross Web Site team has no idea what this one is.

The "Sanderbread Man"

Parking was at a premium for this event.

Even the space shuttle showed up as a surprise visitor.

"Finger Food"

This is the real, acutal model for the Galveston Jetty lighthouse built in the 1930's

"Jabba" shows up for "Sand Wars"

Cat lovers enjoyed "Catillac Ranch"

The "Seashell Open" featured a golfer in a sand trap. It is not true that the Webmaster of the Rex Ross Web Site
served as a model for this sculpture

Racecar Model

Again, our web site team has no clue about this one.

Some of the Rex Ross Web Site workers.

A Suburban Sandcastle


A tribute to Ray Charles.

"Catching Rays": Another Ray Charles inspired creation.

"Mount 'Stromore"

"Joe Six-Pack"

"Chicken of the Sea"

This one was really spectacular!!

"Sand Bar"


The cast for the "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas" showed up for this entry.

From left to right: Dom DeLuise, Marvin Zindler, Dolly Parton, and Burt Reynolds.

"Hands in Sand"

Believe it or not, 37 crabs dressed in clown suits got out of this entry.

"Bipolar Express"

Anybody have any idea what this is?

The Rex Ross Web Site team entry.
Unfortunately, we were disqualified for using sand imported from Bermuda.

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