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On February 1-2 Don Sheffield hosted Mike Tyson, Charlie McCollum
and Rex Ross for a quail hunt on his ranch near Nixon, Texas.

The ranch, the dogs, the food, the whiskey, the weather, the birds and the
hosts were terrific.

Don shows how to warm up at the clay pigeon range.

Charlie follows Don's lead.

Mike prepares to pay off Don after losing the shooting contest.

Ward, having heard all of his dad's stories before puts on his iPod earphones.

Robert prepares to release Jester on the quail.

The sharpshooters line up for a quick group photo.

The sunrise greets us in the field for the
start of the 2nd day's shooting for the day.

Don cranks up the "Mule" before we climb aboard.

"Belle" decides riding is better than running.

Back in the pick-up Belle and Jester can't figure out what the hold-up is.

Don's spectacular new hacienda sits on the hill.

Back after the first hunt of the morning, Don prepares a gourmet breakfast.

The outdoor fire pit. (The site where Tyson was slightly
injured by some 12 year old Scotch on the previous evening.)

Jester and Belle are ready to head back to the field.

Just a great dog picture!

Belle and Jester lead the way.

Jester critiques Belle's hard point.

The sharpshooters work their way up to the located quail.

A classic point.

The birds break and Belle starts to chase them down.

Ready for the next rise.

Charlie is amazed that a dead bird just kept on flying.

Ward scratches his head and tries to remember if he was supposed to bring the beer.

Robert joins the dogs for a quick break.

Don perks up when Ward finally finds the beer.

The hunt is over and the boys are ready to ride back with the dogs.


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