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Visiting the Totem Pole Theater in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania
In August, 2004 Adrian and Rex traveled to Fayetteville, Pennsylvania to see Rusty appearing in "Crimes of the Heart".

Photos of the six actors in the play.

Interestingly enough, there is a totem pole in the front yard of the Totem Pole Theater.

We rented a cabin in the woods for our stay.

Adrian relaxing in the main room of the cabin.

The front door and the stairs to the bedrooms upstairs.

Adrian, Rusty and Tess down by the stream in front of our cabin.

The stream in front of the cabin widens up - just right for water skiing.

Tess explaining to Rusty and Adrian what to do if a bear comes by.

Rex joins the picture with Rusty and Tess.

Fording the stream.

Adrian hopes to not fall in.

Watching for salmon to jump in the stream.

Class 5 rapids present a challenge to all rafters.

Dinner in a canopy at the Dobbins House in Gettysburg.

Visiting a nearby lake.

Starting our hike along the Appalachian Trail.

The marker at the mid-point of the Appalachian Trail. It is 1,069 miles north
to the end of the trail in Maine, and 1,069 miles south to the other end of the trail in Georgia.

Tess, Rusty and Adrian checking their compass to determine which way is North.

Farther along the Appalachian Trail

Enjoying a stream along side the trail.

Rusty looking for a crossing.

Behind Adrian is the tree she chopped down to make a bridge across the stream.

Tess using Adrian's bridge.

Rusty also decides to cross on Adrian's bridge.

Enjoying a picnic by our cabin before heading back to Houston.

More of the picnic.

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