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Kinkaid Class of 1962 - 40th Reunion
The Kinkaid Class of 1962 held their 40th Reunion on November 1-2,2002.

Friday night was tailgate party at the Kinkaid-St. John's football game at Rice Stadium.

Saturday lunch was at the school and included tours of the new facilities.

Saturday night was a mexican dinner at Felix's

Take a look at the photo galleries and other items from the reunion weekend.

Assorted Kinkaid memories* to jog yours: (some editing)

* Homework, pep rallies, good teachers, hating St. Johns, freshman beanies (George)

* Teachers: Mrs. Schreck and Mrs. Paulette and Mr. Holder (Richard)

* Miss Fanthom’s dancing classes, G&S Operettas, the smell of the Gym (Donna K.)

* Lasting friends made (Monty)

* Friday night football games, Teachers: Reed, Cunningham, Paulette, McMurray, Miller, Windsor, Coaches: Hart, Chaney, Hanagriff (Chip),

* Mr. Moss, Drama, my friend, John Butcher (Scott)

* Meeting Susan Cooper, carpool w/ Adrian, Audrey, and Andrea, dances at the gym, wearing Bermudas, boys’ dress code, senior lounge, duck tails, parties at Kathy Freeman’s, slumber parties at Mary Ann Hopkins (Sandra)

* Richmond campus, theatre, field days, cheerleading, student council, girls’athletics, moving to the new campus, Bermuda shorts (Carolyn)

* ”Chess club approved” (Mike Sabom)

* Mrs. Kinkaid in her silk dresses directing rehearsals for commencement, commencement: everyone in white, sophomore and junior girls in pastel dresses carrying arches and ivy chains (Dorothy Knox)

* Richmond campus, eating outside, field day, football trips (Kathy F.)

* 3rd and 4th grade: sitting outside drinking small bottled grape juice with our lunches, singing about Johnny Appleseed, stilt walking on field day, Middle school: “Vote for me, your Pipeline to the head man”, Mrs. Miller telling me to put back on my first-time glasses, the new girl Sandra, wondering why I was worried to tears about schoolwork. Upper school: Poise classes, Mr. Holder pointing his finger and saying “you know Sue, you always know why” A fine teacher. Not taking physics because I was a girl—too bad, playing and watching sports, brilliant, gorgeous, talented new kids moving into Houston and joining our class (Susan)

* The transition from the old campus. Mr. Goddard, Mrs. Shrek (time under her desk being kicked while she taught ancient history), Mrs. Paulettes English class Mr. Perkins biology class (John Barksdale)

* And last (but not least) Gibson sends his thoughts: “My first year was 7th grade, where my fondest memory is undoubtedly 8th grade girls, The following year, 8th grade, was the first at the Memorial campus, and my most vivid memory of that stimulating new environment was most certainly 9th grade girls. Then as some of you may remember, I vanished from sight for three years… I returned three years later for 12th grade and although much had changed, my everlasting memory of that year is again the 9th Grade girls.”

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