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Visiting the Embara Indians of the Darien Region of Panama.

The map shows the Darien region of Panama - a remaining truly wild part of the world.

Even the Pan American Highway which runs from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego at the tip of South America
does not cross this Darien area. It is the only gap in the otherwise continuous Pan American Highway.

Our visit to the Embara indian village requires taking small canoes up the shallow Mogue river.

It is necessary that we travel via native Pirogue up the Mogue River to the village of the Embara Indians.

If the Pirogues look a little wobbly, it is because they are.

In the Pirogue just before we begin taking waves over the bow. We all arrived completely drenched.

Don and Chris still also thinking it would be a nice dry trip.

Suzy (always smiling) before the waves begin.

Clint enjoying his Pirogue ride.

Adrian enjoys the ride in..

We leave the open Pacific and head up the Mogue river.

The Mogue river narrows as we approach the village.

We arrive at the Embara Indian Village.

A group of Embara Indians greet us from shore.

Adrian and Suzy obtain experienced guides for the hike from the river to the village.

Don and Rex begin to dry out from the boat ride.

Crushing sugar cane for the juice.

Tatooing is a common practice with the Embara.

We are greeted with music.

We watch a traditional Embara dance.

Some of the Embara men showing their tattoos.

Chris, Adrian and Suzy enjoying the festivities.

Adrian joins the general dance.

A mother and her son watch from one of the raised huts.

Showing off an orphaned jaguar.

The Embara are well know for their beautiful woven goods and wood carvings.

Some other woven baskets and plate are on display.

Adrian shows off a plate and the young lady who made it.


A little girl and her Toucan.

Adrian and Suzy get their same guides for the hike back to the river.

Chris opts for a more experienced guide.

Even in such a remote village up the Mogue River, the modern world intrudes.

As it turns out, the call is for Don.

Most people need only one or two guides. Never one to skimp, Don determines that more is better.

We arrive back at the river, and prepare to set off for return to the Le Levant.

Adrian hears the rumor that lunch is ready.

The Ross/Churchill/Sanders Pirogue rams another boat which attempts to pass us.Both
Pirogues sink and everyone has to swim the last two miles to the ship. (Just kidding!)

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