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Starting out in San Jose, Costa Rica

We learn that the phase "Pura Vida" which literally means pure life, is a widely used in Costa Rica as a greeting.

We begin our stay in Costa Rica at the beautiful Marriott San Jose.

We begin the process of soaking up the sun and relaxing.

Adrian discovers an authentic Costa Rican ox cart on the grounds of the hotel.

Chris, Adrian, Suzy and Clint find time to fit in some tennis
. (Don't ask Clint how the Houston vs Hawaii match went - its a sensitive topic.)

We find a Costa Rican coffee shop where we make our selections to ship coffee home.

Don picks up some spare change to help pay his shopping bill.

Some passport irregularities land our gang in hot water. Suzy learns we may not be released before lunch is over.

Suzy and Adrian perform some community service to get everyone out of their cells.

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