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Life Aboard the Le Levant

The Le Levant became our home for seven days. A portfolio shows how we roughed it aboard.

The Le Levant - Specifications.

Length 330 feet
Width 46 feet
Draught 11.5 feet
Cruising Speed 15 knots
Tonnage 3505 GRT
Total Decks 5
Total Number of Cabins 45
Maximum Number of Passengers 90
Crew 53

We arrive at Puerto Caldera to find the Le Levant anchored offshore, not docked as expected.

A massive freighter has preempted our berth.

The Le Levant sends its launched to transport everyone to the ship.

Our gang elects to be the last group and patiently waits for the launch to take everyone out to the anchored Le Levant.

We begin loading onto the launch to head out to Le Levant.

Adrian waves to all our fans seeing us off.

We arrive at the ship.

Adrian enjoys a glass of champagne while the captain welcomes us abord.

We arise early for the first morning at sea, gathering on the sun deck to watch for whales, porpoises and sea turtles.

Everybody is rather perky considering its still before breakfast.

Tour director Ridlon helps us look out for whales.

Tour director Carin is also up early.

Our zodiacs get ready for launch to take us to shore to visit the Bahia Paraiso rainforest.

Waiting to board the zodiacs.

Adrian and Chris showing off their new "dog hanging out the window" hair look.

The pool is a popular gathering place,

Enjoying some shade on the sun deck.

Rex relaxes and watches for porpoises

Pink was the motif for this outing.

Tour directors Carin and Ridlon made the trip very special.

The carving master of the ship.

Our new best friend - the pastry chef!!

We gather in the main lounge for the evening's briefing about tomorrow's schedule.

Our gang pays close attention to the details of tomorrow's outings.

The captain announces that the Ross/Sanders/Churchill group are the very best passengers the ship has ever had..

The captain introduces members of the crew.

Oinac and Sam took especially good care of us at dinner each night.

Dinner was always an elegant affair.

Sam is well trained in the technique of two handed wine dispensing.

Oinac convinces Don that he should try at least one dessert on the voyage.

Nicola (head of the dining operations on board) poses with the guys.

Clint sneaks in one extra private photo with Nicola.

Oinac tells Clint why our table is more important than the Captain's table. Suzy is not buying it.

The full gang at dinner. Oinac and Sam reserved this as our private table for each night of the voyage.

Don contemplates which dessert to have and decides to have them all.

Adrian shows off her special Le Levant shirt.

Don finally gets to watch the Super Bowl which is ultimately picked up from via satellite from a Spanish language channel.

Rex contemplates lunch.

Suzy and Adrian consider whether to have a 3rd dessert.

The bar in the main lounge was a favorite hangout.

We are ready to adopt Jean Luis, the head pastry chef, and take him back to Houston with U.S.

Don explains to the captain how to best dock the ship.

The captain agrees that Don's method of docking is better and follows his guidance.

We disembark the Le Levant for the trip back to Panama City.

Don came to the trip with one suitcase, but his shopping outings necessitate some additional luggage for the trip home.

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