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The Gamboa Rain Forest

A key design element of the Panama Canal was the damming of the Chagres River to form Lake Gatun.

Lake Gatun provides a waterway for much of the length of the canal and also provides the water supply to operate
the locks at each end of the canal.

A pristine rain forest continues to surround much of Lake Gatun.

Adrian explains the "So Big" game to the Gamboa Rain Forest guide.

We load up for a trip on Lake Gatun, a key element of the Panama Canal system.

Lake Gatun was very busy with Panama Canal shipping.

Our guide spots a three-toed tree sloth.

"Monkey Island" is dead ahead.

Ralph, the head White Faced Capucine, welcomes us.

The monkeys were quite used to visitors.

The monkeys watch us carefully.

Ralph and Caroline seem sorry to see us leave.

Suzy and Clint are amused that our guides were a little seasick.

We make it back alive from our Lake Gatun expedition.

A freighter transits the canal as we watch from lunch.

Adrian and Rex enjoy being back at the Gamboa Rain Forest lodge.

One of the attractions at the lodge was a fairly tame crocodile.

Clint gets a little too friendly with the croc.

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