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Visiting Isla de Coiba

The map shows Isla de Coiba just off the coast of Costa Rica.

Before becoming a Panamian national park, Isla de Coiba was penal colony,
where conditions were so wild that no cells for prisoners were required.

Our first stop was on a very small atoll for some snorkeling.

Another view of the atoll. The water was spectacular - warm and very clear.

We head for shore on a Zodiac.

Rex helps Don adjust his snorkel.

Clint and Suzy show off a broken cone shell they found.

Don rinses off his gear after a successful snorkeling expedition.

Chris and Adrian back from the deep reef.

Rex also emerges from the deep.

Relaxing while waiting for the Zodiac back to the Le Levant.

The Houston-Hawaii olympic snorkeling team.

Don is ready to head for lunch.

Our next stop is on the main part of Isla de Coiba for lunch and more snorkeling.

Unloading from a "wet landing" via Zodiac.

Adrian and our tour directors, Ridlon and Carin, welcome the rest of the gang.

Enjoying a small cocktail while waiting for the lobsters to grill.

The lobster are ready!! Suzy is first in line.

Don looking over the lobsters. Suzy explains to the cook why she is back in line once more!

The gang relaxes after the lobsters are all gone.

Adrian shows off a rare pre-Columbian sculpture she purchased.

Closer inspection shows the sculpture to be a carved yellow gourd.

A few yards away from our table, our next snorkeling site awaits.

Suzy and Clint opt for the kayak instead of snorkeling.

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