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On the Road to Puerto Caldera

Following our exploration of Costa Rica around the capital city of San Jose, we board our magic bus for the
drive northwest to the Pacific port of Puerto Caldera where the Le Levant awaits.

Clint and Suzy start their part time job of helping everyone identify the right bus.

Clint immediately falls asleep on the job.

Stopping for lunch along the road, Rex awaits some table service.

Adrian hopes to expedite lunch by picking some coffee beans for the group.

After studying his nature guide book, Rex points out wild coconuts to Adrian.

Along the way we arrive at Sarchi, a small artisan village in Costa Rica which
is the home of the famous Costa Rica oxcart.

Adrian makes the acquaintance of the Chief Ox.

Chris and Adrian discuss how to ship the Chief Ox back to Houston.

All of the ox carts are still painted free hand.

Some of the many ox carts in Sarchi.

Don, tiring of his" Elvis on Velvet" art collection, finds a new theme to collect.

While all the shopping is going on at Sarchi, Rex and Don find a quiet cafe for a drink.

Don purchases "Don Manuel Coffee" from Don Manuel himself.

On to Puerto Caldera!
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